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Title IX Task Force Overview

The Title IX Task Force was created in August 2014. This group was originally charged with conducting a comprehensive review of university policies and procedures designed to prevent and adjudicate cases of sexual assault.  The task force continues its work to initiate positive change through evaluating training, campus climate assessment, and procedural needs with regard to the overall Title IX program at JMU.

Title IX Task Force Members

  • Donna Harper, Access & Inclusion, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Susan Wheeler, University Counsel, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Josh Bacon, Dean of Students
  • Leslie Gerrard, Counseling Center
  • Lee Ward, University Health Center
  • Marilou Johnson, Vice Provost
  • Wendy Lushbaugh, Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices
  • Kathy Ott Walter, Department of Health Sciences
  • Andy Perrine, Communications & Marketing
  • Amy Sirocky-Meck, Title IX Coordinator
  • Lee Shifflett, Campus Police
  • Mark Warner, Student Affairs & University Planning
  • Diane Yerian, Human Resources
  • Student Government Association representative

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