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If this is an emergency or there is an immediate threat, please call JMU Campus Police at 540-568-6911.

JMU urges any person with knowledge of an incident of sexual misconduct to use this form to immediately make a report to the university.  Most JMU employees are responsible reporters and as such are required to make a report of disclosed prohibited conduct.

In completing this simple form you will be asked to provide

  • your contact information
  • contact information for the party involved in the sexual misconduct
  • a brief description of the incident

Although all fields are not required, JMU will be able to best assess and respond to completed forms.

This report will be sent directly to the university’s Title IX Office.  You will receive an email confirmation that the form was successfully sent. Based on the circumstances of the incident, either you, the involved party, or both will be contacted by the Title IX Coordinator.

JMU will make every reasonable effort to protect privacy while balancing the need to gather information to assess the report and to take steps to eliminate prohibited conduct, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects.

To complete JMU Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form click here.

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