SafeAssign Syllabus Statement

In this course one or more of your writing assignments may be submitted to the instructor through Blackboard’s SafeAssign plagiarism prevention service as approved by JMU. Your writing assignment will be checked for plagiarism against Internet sources, millions of academic journal articles, the JMU SafeAssign database, and the SafeAssign Global Reference Database. SafeAssign generates an originality report for the instructor that highlights any blocks of text in your paper that match the above reference sources and allows a line-by-line comparison of potentially unoriginal text from your paper with the matching document sections in the reference sources. Each paper you submit through SafeAssign for this or any class at JMU will be added to the JMU SafeAssign database and later used only to check against other JMU paper submissions. Neither Blackboard nor JMU claim any copyright ownership of your writing submitted through SafeAssign. When you submit your paper through SafeAssign you will be given the choice of whether or not to “opt in” and permanently contribute a copy of your paper to Blackboard’s Global Reference Database. This would protect your original writing from plagiarism at other institutions. However opting in and voluntarily contributing your work to the global database is an individual student decision and not required by your instructor or JMU. For more information about SafeAssign see: