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Dr. Teresa Gonzalez
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Academic Development

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Development provides services designed to meet the academic and vocational needs of JMU undergraduate and graduate students. Utilizing these services allows students to meet their full academic potential, helps them plan for future academic and professional endeavors, and eases their eventual transition from the world of academia to the world of work.


The following areas report directly to the Vice Provost for Academic Development.

Academic Policy and Curriculum Development
Ms. Kristi Shackelford, Director
Sheldon Hall, Room 107 | 540.568.4064 |

Academic Program Review
Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister
Sheldon Hall, Room 224 | 540.568.8117 |

Academic Student Services
Ms. Leslie Purtlebaugh, Director
Sheldon Hall, Room 111 | 540.568.7123 |

Center for Faculty Innovation
Dr. Carol A. Hurney, Executive Director
Rose Library, Room 5103 | 540.568.4846 |

Cross Disciplinary Studies and Planning
Dr. A.J. Morey, Associate Vice Provost
Moody Hall, Room 102A | 540.568.7998 |

Furious Flower Poetry Center
Dr. Joanne V. Gabbin,Executive Director
Driver Drive Modular, Room 104 | 540.568.6310 |

Honor Council
Mr. Christopher Campbell, Coordinator
Wilson Hall, Room 301 | 540.568.2928 |

Office of the Registrar
Ms. Michele White, Registrar 
Warren Hall, Room 504E | 540.568.6281 |