Break Description

HIV/AIDs and the sigma associated with it have remained as an enormous problem among the population of Chicago, Illinois. This break will be focused on working with Heartland Health Outreach, a non-profit organization that attends to the needs of individuals experiencing prolonged disease such as HIV/AIDs, addiction psychological illness and homelessness. Throughout the week we will be working side by side with people affected with HIV/AIDs and also learning accurate information to help eradicate the stigma.  

Focus on: Health and Community Wellness

Community: Chicago, Illinois

Leaders: Rubana Hossain and Aimee Macagney

Cost: $300

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Driving

What kind of break is this? Spring Break

Departure Date: 03-04-2017

Return Date: 03-11-2017

What community partner will you be working with? Heartland Health Outreach

Currently Offered?: No

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