Policy 4308
Moving: Changing Department/Office/Laboratory/Classroom Space

Date of Current Revision: November 2016
Primary Responsible Officer: Associate Vice President for Business Services


This policy outlines procedures for the successful move of a classroom, department, laboratory or office at James Madison University.


The Board of Visitors has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia to govern James Madison University. See Code of Virginia § 23.1-1600. The Board has delegated the authority to manage the university to the president.


AiM is the computerized maintenance management software system used by several JMU departments to track data related to their business function.

Departmental Move:
A move that is requested by the department and approved by the Department Head and the Office of Real Property and Space Management. All expenses incurred for the move are paid by the department.

Institutional Move:
A move that is initiated by the university and therefore paid out of an account other than the department such as a capital construction account or a divisional account. Examples include departmental moves due to new construction or temporary moves due to renovations as well as location changes determined by the senior leadership.

Large Move:
A move involving four or more people.

Small Move: 
A move involving three or fewer people.


This policy applies to all JMU employees and departments.


The JMU offices of Facilities Management and Office of Real Property and Space Management will coordinate and execute all departmental moves from one location to another.


The department that is moving will submit the Moves Request Form in writing or electronically to the Director of Real Property and Space Management. All moves request forms must be filled out completely to be considered; this includes appropriate signatures as well as a valid department ID. The Director of Real Property and Space Management will act on the moves request, notifying the appropriate vice president if the move is in conflict with assigned allocation.

Once the Moves Request Form has been reviewed by the Director of Real Property and Space Management and appropriate vice president, if necessary, the Moves Request Form will be forwarded to Facilities Management and Telecom for scheduling, estimates associated with move and approval.

After approvals and dates of availability for Facilities Management and Telecom have been coordinated, the Director of Real Property and Space Management will notify the requesting department to submit a work request through the AiM system.

The department that is moving will submit a move request to the JMU Facilities Management Work Control Center by using the electronic work request via the AiM system or send a written work request form within the defined time frames below for small or large moves:

  • Small moves require a two-week notice.
  • Large moves require a four-week notice.

If a phone move is required, submit a Phone Moves Request Form 3-5 days prior to the move.

The department that is moving must designate the person who will serve as the primary contact for the duration of the move. On the day of the move, there must be a departmental designee at each move-out and move-in site.

All preparations and moves should follow “Planning for the Move Guidelines,” “Packing Tips and Labeling Instructions,” and the “Moving Day Checklist” as listed in the Official Guide to Faculty and Staff Moves.


The Facilities Management move coordinator is responsible for setting up and coordinating all moves via "in-house" professionals or contracted movers.

A departmental designee must initiate a move request form and enter a work request through the AiM system to identify the designation of funds for the move and for moving copiers, computers and telephones.


Departments that do not follow this policy may not be moved in a timely manner and will be responsible for any additional costs associated with not complying with this policy.

Other sanctions will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the offense and may include termination of employment.




Authority to interpret this policy rests with the President and is generally delegated to the Associate Vice President for Business Services.

Previous Version: July 2014
Approved by the President: April 2002

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