Policy 1202
Information Systems Implementation & Project Management

Date of Current Revision: January 2017
Primary Responsible Officer: Assistant Vice President for Information Technology


This policy provides direction and requirements related to management of information technology projects of varying size, scope and cost.


The Board of Visitors has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia to govern James Madison University. See Code of Virginia § 23.1-1600.  The board has delegated the authority to manage the university to the president.


Consistent with the university's Memorandum of Understanding granting Level II delegation from the Commonwealth under the Virginia Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act of 2005 and in keeping with JMU Policy 1213-Information Technology Project Management, the university exercises independent authority for issuing policy and establishing requirements related to technology management for the institution. The President gives Information Technology (IT) responsibility for university policies and procedures for acquisition, implementation, documentation and use of information technology resources and for meeting its compliance obligations.


Technology project:
A temporary effort undertaken by or on behalf of the university that: 1) establishes a new technology-based system or service; 2) facilitates a significant business process transformation using technology; or 3) includes a major change in technology architecture or a system migration beyond that considered as general maintenance, enhancement or refresh (MER) activity.


This policy applies to all departments and employees of the university. It applies to all information technology projects undertaken at the university.


It is the policy of the university to ensure effective and efficient project management exists and adequate controls are included when acquiring, developing and implementing information systems that include technology components.

Whether the objective is to acquire/develop a new system or service or to maintain/modify an existing one, the university requires all employees to comply with university policies and standards for management of information technology projects.


IT assists university departments in planning and managing information technology projects. Such projects generally include development or acquisition of new or enhanced computer systems including hardware, software and services. IT has established processes for classifying and managing specific sizes and types of projects in keeping with internal requirements and industry best practices. These include procedures for preparation and approval of project proposals, for determining project classification based on project size and complexity, and for meeting necessary documentation and oversight requirements. Procedures for submitting project initiation requests, classifying projects and for achieving the related oversight, management and documentation requirements are included in JMU Computing Standards developed and maintained by IT. Procedures for submitting project initiation requests of technology that includes software components or modules for recording donations, managing the cultivation or solicitation of donations are supplemented in section 6.3 of policy 5101.

University departments must contact IT and complete a Project Initiation Questionnaire prior to soliciting acquisition, development or enhancement of technology systems.


IT must be involved in project selection and planning whenever a technology solution is being considered and will provide consulting and advisory assistance to university officials involved with implementing project management. IT will also provide technical input and other advice and/or assistance commensurate with the project classification. Inquiries about project initiation and/or IT's involvement should be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology.

The person/department proposing a technology project is responsible for project initiation. IT will work with the department on all administrative tasks associated with project selection and classification and for compliance with both university and state requirements.

Once the project is chartered (officially adopted as outlined in the JMU Computing Standard) the project manager, in consultation with the relevant vice president or other sponsoring authority, as identified in the project charter, is responsible for project management, documentation and oversight. Specific responsibilities include assuring compliance with policies, standards and guidelines issued by the University and fulfillment of any external compliance obligations that may apply.


Sanctions will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the offense and may include termination of employment.




The authority to interpret this policy rests with the President, and is generally delegated to the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology.

Previous Version: October 2014
Approved by President: December 2004

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