Shared Courses

What are shared courses?

The TelePresence system and other technologies give us the capability to share specialized courses and low enrollment courses with participating institutions.  This opens up a number of possibilities to increase the diversity of our courses, faculty, students, and for innovation in content delivery:

  • Lower “make numbers” at the host institution
  • More specialized courses in key content areas
  • Coordination, faculty support, student registration, course listing, and other administrative requirements are coordinated by the 4VA collaborative

What courses are being shared?

  • Language courses – Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and Persian
  • ISAT Courses – Intelligence Analysis – A simulation designed to explore religious-based terrorism

Goal for 2012 - 2013

  • Expand content area offerings, opportunities, and participation of students and faculty

What courses are in the works?

  • Engineering and robotics
  • Disaster planning and response
  • Biology

Interested in developing a course or suggesting one?