2013-Quarter 2



Dr. Taresa Harris

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JMU Teresa HarrisTitle:

Effects of Preschool Attendance on Middle School Outcomes in Virginia


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Teresa Harris, Department of Early, Elementary and Reading Education at JMU in collaboration with Dr. Isabel Bradburn, Research Director of the Child Development Center for Learning & Research at Virginia Tech, Dr. Jason Downer, Director of CASTL and a Research Associate Professor at UVA, and Dr. Sarika Gupta, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Special Education at GMU.



The purpose of this research project will be to expand upon a prior study conducted by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission in 2007 that documented the impact of public preschool attendance on students’ third grade SOL scores. In this study, analyses will compare a cohort of students who attended public preschool with the comparison group through middle school to examine the impacts of preschool attendance on student outcomes, including SOL assessment results and grade-level retention.


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