2013-Quarter 2



Dr. Klebert Feitosa

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JMU Klebert FeitosaTitle:

Bringing Together a Community of Soft Matter Researchers in Virginia


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Klebert Feitosa, Department of Physics and Astronomy at JMU, in collaboration with faculty members from Virginia Tech, UVA, and GMU



The goal of this project is to form a community of researchers from multiple disciplines representing the institutions of the 4-VA consortium in which ideas, techniques, and expertise will be shared for the advancement of soft matter research. The seed money of the mini-grant will be used to organize a Soft Matter Workshop event on the campus of JMU in the 2013-2014 academic year that will help gather the community and foster collaboration among faculty in the four institutions. The PI also plans to integrate the outcome of this project into an NSF proposal to be submitted in the near future.


Awarded Funding:




The goal of this grant is to nucleate a community of soft materials researchers in Virginia. Potential future outcomes also include:
  1. Research collaboration between the faculty of different institutions.
  2. Development of shared course projects in soft materials.
  3. Organization of periodic workshops focused on specific areas of soft matter research among the 4-VA institutions.