2013-Quarter 1



Dr. Michele D. Estes

JMU Michele EstesTitle:

Reaching the Greatest Number of Learners: Improving Access to STEM Undergraduate Education Through Online Engineering Labs for Students Across Virginia 

Principal Investigator:

PI: Dr. Michele D. Estes, JMU
Co-PI: Dr. Stephanie Moore, UVA


This collaborative research proposal seeks to address the challenge of distributed labs in STEM. The principal investigators seek to establish a collaborative partnership between two of the four partner 4VA institutions focused on the development of distributed labs for STEM education. Both investigators have extensive experience in accessibility and universal design which play an important role in the development of these online labs and will help ensure they are designed to serve the greatest number of learners, to the greatest extent possible. Investigators will articulate common learning objectives and outcomes that indicate characteristics of instructional quality of online labs and develop a plan and instructional strategy for the development and evaluation of online labs. In addition this grant will fund research that will lead to a submission for a National Science Foundation proposal.


Awarded Funding: