2012 -Quarter 4



Dr. Christine May

JMU Christine MayTitle:

The Virginia Trout Streams Research Collaboration


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Christine May, Department of Biology in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Benzing, Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University, and Rick Webb, senior scientist, Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and projects coordinator for the Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study.  The project will also include a host of research scientists from Virginia Tech, Washington and Lee, UVA, George Mason University, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, and DuPont.



This team will conduct a one-day Mountain Stream symposium to bring together scientists, agency representatives, policy makers and educators to provide a state-of-the-science update on Mountain Stream ecosystems in the central Appalachians and formalize a research partnership focused on Virginia trout streams. The team intends to develop an outreach tool that will synthesize the knowledge presented at the symposium and deliver it in a format that is suitable for K-12 educators and the general public. Proceedings and highlights of the conference will be produced and streamed to a wide audience. They anticipate that the symposium will serve as a catalyst for interest in the development of an interpretive science and research center and spark interest in new collaborators.

Awarded Funding:




  1. Hosting the Mountain Stream Symposium on Sept. 21st at JMU.
  2. Video archiving presentations and making available on the web.
  3. Developing a summary of the knowledge gained.
  4. Developing new collaborations, and strengthening existing, to help move forward on the creation of the Center for Coldwaters Restoration