2012 -Quarter 2



Dr. Nathan T. Wright

JMU Costel ConstantinTitle:

Structure and Function studies on dispersin homologues in Enterotoxic bacteria


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Nathan T. Wright in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Berndsen from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at JMU, and Dr. James Nataro, Professor, Chair of Pediatrics, UVA.



This project is an initial effort to foster collaboration between two protein structure labs at JMU and a bacterial pathogen lab at UVA. We will be training JMU undergraduates in molecular modeling and heteronuclear multidimensional NMR analysis; this technology, and the ability to teach undergraduates about this technology, is new to the JMU campus as of this year. We hope a small initial investment will allow us to begin work on the structure and function relationship of the dispersin family of proteins, which are major virulence factors contributing to traveler's diarrhea. The work generated from this grant will be used as preliminary data for a larger NIH-directed grant.

Awarded Funding: