Degree Completion


As part of the 4VA initiative, JMU’s Adult Degree Program (ADP), which is part of Outreach & Engagement, provides an opportunity for students across the Commonwealth who have earned some college credits to complete a degree. Students earn a Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS), and this flexible degree framework allows you to put together a degree completion plan that takes advantage of the transferable credits you already have, while at the same time giving you choices for new skills and career-related competencies. You can take courses online from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to make college courses fit into your schedule. We recognize that traditional, highly structured four-year degree programs do not always accommodate the educational needs or lifestyles of adult students.

Once you have an Associate’s degree from one of Virginia’s community colleges, you’ll have met all of your general education requirements, and we can focus on completing your concentration. Students can build their concentration by choosing from a number of modules, all available online. These modules are sets of 3-6 courses that have been chosen to prepare you for high-demand careers.

Students also have the option of earning credits through prior learning assessment. At JMU, this means that students can take subject specific CLEP exams, or develop a portfolio of prior learning to document how they have learned material in a context outside of a formal classroom environment. Students can earn up to 30 nontraditional credits.

 Modules include (specific course numbers subject to change):

As of Fall 2012

Advanced Green Manufacturing
ISAT 211: Issues in Modern Production
ISAT 330: Manufacturing Systems: Techniques and Technologies
ISAT 331: Automation in Manufacturing
ISAT 430: Material Science in Manufacturing
ISAT 433: Selected Problems in Manufacturing
Total: 15 hours 

Autism Spectrum Disorders
EXED 416: Overview and Assessment of Autism Disorders
EXED 417: Communication, Language and Sensory Issues in ASD
EXED 418: PBS, FBA, and BIP
Total: 9 hours 

Human Resource Development
LTLE 240: Principles of Human Resource Development
LTLE 245: Leadership in Organizational Settings
LTLE 370: Instructional Technology
LTLE 380: Occupational Task Analysis
HRD 385: Foundations of Instructional Design
LTLE 480: Learning in Adulthood
LTLE 485: Development in Materials and Programs
Total: 18 hours

Hospitality and Tourism Management
HM 211: Overview of Hospitality and Tourism Management
HM 311: Hotel Operations and Hospitality Technology
HM 422: Hospitality Human Resource Management
PPA 381: Budgetary Process
Choose one approved elective
Total: 15 hours

Communication Studies (still pending final approval)
SCOM 245: Processes of Human Communication
SCOM 245: Signs, Symbols, and Social Interaction
SCOM 248: Intercultural Communication
SCOM449: Communication Training
Total: 12 hours

And future modules currently under development include:

Business Technology
COB 204: Overview of Computer Information Systems
COB XXX: Database Design (new number to be designated)
COB XXX: Systems Analysis and Design (new number to be designated)
Total: 9 hours

MGMT 372: Entrepreneurship
MGMT 305: Management for Non-Business Majors
MGMT 472: Venture Creation
Total: 9 hours 

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for this program, you must:

  • Be 22 or older
  • Have an approved associate’s degree from a Virginia community college, with at least 60 transferable credits (you may also have transferable credits from other institutions, if applicable)
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C average) 

To Apply:

Have transcripts from all two- and four-year colleges you have attended sent to the Adult Degree Program, James Madison University, MSC 6913, Harrisonburg, VA  22801. Once the ADP office has received all of your transcripts, they will be forwarded to the Registrar's office for transfer credit evaluation.

The Learning Services Coordinator will contact you with the results. If you have 30 or more credits, you will be given instructions on how to apply to the University. All ADP applications are now done online, with a $50 application fee. Admissions officers let the Learning Services Coordinator know who has applied online and ask for approval to admit the student. If you have not sent transcripts for transfer credit evaluation, approval for admission will not be given.

After your admissions application has been approved and processed, you will receive an acceptance email from the ADP office and an invoice for the required $250 tuition deposit. After your deposit is paid, you will be able to create your JMU user account and register for courses.

Contact us at 540-568-6824, or