JMU's education programs prepare excellent teachers JMU's education programs prepare excellent teachers

Constant, Hands-On Prep

Preparing excellent teachers is not only our tradition, it's our passion

We produce more teachers each year than any other Virginia college or university. Thanks to our hands-on, field-based approach to teacher preparation, you may find yourself in classrooms working with real teachers and real school children as early as your sophomore year. Our graduates have gone on to win state, regional and national awards. And change countless lives along the way.

  1. Photo: Julie Schneider

    Classroom in the arctic

    Elementary school teacher Julie Schneider ('99) teaches from the arctic

    When Julie Schneider ('99) participated in Earthwatch Institute's 11-day expedition, Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge, her journey to the arctic was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and an opportunity to liven up science lessons for her young students …Read more

  2. Photo: Francis Buck Payne ('00) was recognized as Fairfax County 2009 Teacher of the Year

    "No Payne, No Gain"

    This JMU alum helps his students achieve their dreams

    "All kids need is for someone to believe in them and to tell them they have a right to their dreams," says Francis "Buck" Payne ('00), Fairfax County Public Schools' 2009 Teacher of the Year. Payne has helped … Read more

  3. Photo: Patricia Wright

    Preparation for a new reality

    Education champion looks to future

    Considering JMU's history of teacher preparation, it's not surprising that one of Madison's own, Patricia Wright, is Virginia's twenty-third superintendent of public instruction. She sees educators as key to the future … Read more

  4. Photo: Amy Macaleer ('01)

    Bingo, Jeopardy and Pictionary

    Winning teaching strategies in the classroom

    Amy Macaleer ('01) was one of only two Virginia teachers to receive the prestigious national Milken Educator Award for the 2007-08 school year, an award that recognizes education professionals who are furthering excellence … Read more

  5. Photo: Oris Griffin

    Helping others see potential

    This professor pushes kids to excel

    College of Education professor Oris Griffin spends at least one day a week in an inner-city school as part of JMU's Professor-in-Residence Program, hoping to encourage minority high school students to pursue higher education … Read more

  6. Photo: Teresa Harris

    Partnerships abroad

    Education professor opens doors in South Africa

    Students and professors in JMU's elementary education and reading programs are joining a three-way partnership to work and learn with colleagues at two South African schools. College of Education professor Teresa Harris has prepared the way, thanks to a Fulbright award … Read more