JMU's communications programs operate from a real-world framework JMU's communications programs operate from a real-world framework JMU's communications programs operate from a real-world framework

Cool Classes, Cool Jobs

JMU's multidisciplinary, collaborative communication programs

Our communications programs operate from a real-world framework because we know that knowledge and skills are so much more valuable when they can be applied again and again. No wonder our graduates consistently get such cool jobs. Our wealth of student organizations and award-winning student publications include the often-heralded twice-weekly newspaper The Breeze. From corporate communication to computer software and digital video, we have something that is sure to pique your interest.

  1. Photo: Julie Bragg Sheppard ('94)

    Living the dream

    News anchor keeps Richmonders in the know

    Julie Bragg Sheppard ('94) is living her dream of being a local news anchor at CBS affiliate WTVR-6 in Richmond, Va. "When I was a teenager, I dreamed of doing exactly what I'm doing right now," says Bragg … Read more

  2. Photo: SMAD's production facility

    One of the finest

    JMU SMAD's digital high-def video production facility

    SMAD houses a new digital high-definition video production facility for both field and studio production. This is simply one of the finest video facilities among universities in the United States and the world. The studio … Read more

  3. Photo: Casey Templeton ('06), 2005 College Photographer of the Year

    College Photographer of the Year

    Award-winning Casey Templeton ('06)

    This 2005 College Photographer of the Year caught the eye of National Geographic, winning an internship and setting the foundation for his career. Today, Casey's visual versatility and depth changes the perceptions of … Read more

  4. Photo: Jazminia Griffith ('06)

    The essence of communication

    Poet Jazminia Griffith ('06) shares her soul

    Madison studio art and graphic design major Jazminia Griffith has been writing poetry since high school. While interning for Essence Communications, she received the suggestion to submit her ode to the magazine's poetry editor… Read more

  5. Photo: JMU students participate in Disney College Program

    Making Madison magic

    Taking a role at Disney's theme park

    Eryn Cody ('11) a JMU School of Media Arts and Design major, was one of seven JMU students working at Walt Disney World as part of the Disney College Program. Eryn had the opportunity to connect with Disney guests in her role as a Character Performer at all four … Read more

  6. Photo: CBS WTVR-TV Chesterfield, Va., beat reporter Shelby Brown

    Going the extra mile

    Journalist channels personal drive to benefit others

    CBS WTVR-TV Chesterfield, Va., beat reporter Shelby Brown ('93) says she learned from JMU communication professors "to go that extra mile." Her journalistic power stems from a personal drive that was there since she was a child … Read more

  7. In just over a decade Brian Hamrick ('83) has earned seven Emmys as a TV reporter

    Bringing his "A" game

    Alumnus wins seven Emmys

    Persistence has paid off for Brian Hamrick ('83), and he has seven Emmys to prove it. Breaking away from his family's West Virginia coal mining roots, after three years in stand-up comedy, Hamrick decided to pursue another career related to his communications … Read more

  8. Three alumnae moms love advertising and The Martin Agency's atmosphere

    Living better

    Three alumnae moms love agency's atmosphere

    Working for the No. 3 ad agency in the country and enjoying a family friendly atmosphere are just two of the many benefits for a JMU alumnae trio. Kristen Cavallo ('91), Katherine Wintsch ('99) and Elizabeth Anderson Paul ('03) are all working moms and some of the most award-winning … Read more

  9. JMU creative writing professor Inman Majors draws on personal inspirations for his nuanced and complex characters

    Writing inspiration

    Personal experiences shape nuanced and complex characters

    When he set about writing The Millionaires, a novel about two brothers who rise to great heights only to suffer a precipitous fall, Inman Majors didn't have to look far for inspiration. "I have a brother," Majors, who teaches creative writing at JMU, says in his thick Tennessee drawl … Read more