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Revised by the Music Department 6/1/17


NOTE: Entry into the music major is by audition, and the notes below apply ONLY to students who have been offered admission to the music major.

This worksheet is a planning tool and enrollment guide for use during your enrollment appointment. The first section (in purple) identifies the required major related courses and Cluster One GenEd course you need to enroll in your first semester. The green area contains courses that are required for your major but are optional for the first semester. If you do not enroll in the optional courses your first semester you will do so in a later semester. The last section lists GenEd course options you may add to your schedule to create a final schedule of 14-16 credit hours, unless indicated otherwise in the Departmental Recommendations instructions. The worksheet should be saved and printed with your identified selections for use during your enrollment appointment.

Departmental Recommendations:

1. Print the Daily Planner and block off the days and times for Ensembles as listed below. All music majors are required to audition for ensemble placement. Auditions for ensembles take place at the beginning of the semester. You should not register for "auditioned" ensembles until after auditions have taken place, but you should factor these credit hours (1 to 2 credit hours) into your total credit hours.

2. Enroll in MUS 141 Music Theory Writing and Analysis and MUS 143 Music Theory Aural Skills.

3. Enroll in MUS 195 Recital Attendance. Enrollment in this course will serve as a schedule placeholder on MWF from 1:25 to 2:15 for meetings and recitals. MUS 195 does not have any associated credit hours.

4. Enroll in one of the Keyboard Skills courses as determined by the keyboard skills assessment test in MyMadison. Click on the Find Placement Exam Score button below for instructions on finding your placement designator.

5. Review the additional course information for special areas of concentration. If your area is not listed below you do not have additional courses for the first semester.

6. Enroll in ONE of the Human Communications OR Critical Thinking Cluster One courses. Enroll in WRTC 103 if you do not have dual enrollment, AP, IB, or CIE credit.

7. To obtain a full schedule of 15-17 credit hours, you may need to add a General Education course from Cluster 2, 4, or 5.

8. Based on your area of concentration in the Music major, your schedule may be anywhere between 14 - 17 credit hours.

9. Print a Daily Planner Schedule to use as a tool when creating your schedule.


Keyboard Skills Placement:

You need to know your Keyboard Skills placement designation to determine which keyboard course to enroll in. Enter your designation in the field below. Click this Find Placement Exam Scores link for a tutorial on locating your scores in the MyMadison system. The test ID to look for is KEYBD. The test component is CLASS. The CLASS "score" indicates which MUS course you should enroll in. For example, if your CLASS score = 202, enroll in MUS 202.

Piano majors: your "score" should be 303 but you need to enroll in MUS 303A.



Required First Semester Courses

Positions in non-auditioned ensembles are open to any JMU student; simply register for the desired ensemble. Skill level requirements may be prescribed for specific ensembles; please check the course description for ensemble specific details. Positions in auditioned ensembles are open by audition to any JMU student, regardless of your declared major. Auditions take place during the first three days of each semester. Please contact the ensemble area head (Dr. Foster Beyers, JMU Director of Orchestras:; Dr. Steve Bolstad, JMU Director of Bands:; Dr. Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy JMU Director of Choral Activities:; Dr. Don Rierson, Director of Opera: for specific information pertaining to audition requirements, registration and scheduling. Ensembles open only by audition are marked with an asterisk (*)

Major Requirements:

Course/Subject/Number/Course Title/Meeting Times Credits


You cannot actually enroll in the ensemble class during your enrollment appointment but identify which ensemble you will take and avoid scheduling other classes during this time period.

1 - 2 credit hours

Identify the days/times of the ensembles that represent your "best guesses" for your ensemble placements (understanding that this may change after auditions) and mark this time slot off on your Daily Planner. Consult the MyMadison class search for up-to-date information as the information listed is subject to change. Note that this list does not include all available ensembles. Ensembles open only by audition are marked with an asterisk (*).

NOTE: On your daily planner, block off the times of the ensembles in an attempt to avoid conflicts with other classes. However, it is important that you register for a complete schedule, so if there is a class you need to take and the only available option conflicts with an ensemble, register for the class.


MUAP 238 Concert Band - T/TH 2:00 - 3:15 1 cr hr
* MUAP 239 Symphonic Band - T/TH 12:30 - 1:45 1 cr hr
MUAP 237 Marching Band T/W/TH/F 6:00 - 7:30 2 cr hrs
MUAP 344 Chamber Orch. - M/W/F 11:15 - 12:05 1 cr hr
*MUAP 345 Symph Orch. - M 2:30-3:20 & T/TH 2:00 - 3:15 2 cr hrs
*MUAP 346 Wind Symph. MWF 3:35-4:50 2 cr hrs
MUAP 350 String Ens. M/W/F 12:20 - 1:10 1 cr hr
*MUAP 347 Jazz Ens. M 5:00 - 5:50 & T/TH 3:30 - 4:45 2 cr hrs
*MUAP 348 Jazz Band T/TH 3:30-4:45 1 cr hr
MUAP 353 Guitar Ens. M 6:00 - 8:30 1 cr hr
*MUAP 354 Percussion Ens. M/W/F 12:20 - 1:10 1 cr hr
*MUAP 352 Brass Band M/W 12:20 - 1:10 & F 12:20 - 2:15 1 cr hr
*MUAP 357 Piano Accomp. & Ens. M/W/F 12:20 - 1:10 1 cr hr
MUAP 234 Men's Chorus M/W 3:30-4:45 1 cr hr
*MUAP 235 Treble Chamber Choir T/TH 3:30 - 4:45 1 cr hr
MUAP 236 Woman's Chorus M/W 3:30 - 4:45 1 cr hr
*MUAP 340 Chorale T/TH 2:00 - 3:15 1 cr hr
*MUAP 341 Madison Singers M/W/F 11:15 - 12:20 1 cr hr
*MUAP 380 Collegium (Early Music) T/TH 6:00 - 8:00 1 cr
*MUAP 343 Opera Theatre M/T/W/TH 4:40 - 7:20 (Eight Week 2) 1-2 cr hrs
*MUAP 360 Opera/Music Theatre Orchestra T/TH 5:00 - 6:15 1 cr hr

MUS 141, MUS 143, & MUS 195:

Enroll in all three of these courses.

MUS 141 Music Theory I: Writing and Analysis Techniques 3 cr hrs

MUS 143 Music Theory I: Aural Perception and Analysis 1 cr hr

MUS 195 Recital Attendance 0 cr hrs



Applied Lessons:

Enroll in the MUAP 300 section that pertains to your instrument.

MUAP 300 - Applied Music Lesson

Keyboard Skills:

Enroll in one of these courses as indicated by your placement CLASS designation or lower. Example: CLASS score = 202, you may enroll in MUS 202, 101, or 100. The system will not allow you to enroll in a lever higher than your score. Each class is 1 cr hr.

CLASS Enroll In:
100 MUS 100 Keyboard Skills I
101 MUS 101 Keyboard Skills II
202 MUS 202 Keyboard Skills III
300 MUS 303 Keyboard Skills IV
Piano Majors MUS 303A - Keyboard Skills IV

MUS 100 Keyboard Skills I

MUS 101 Keyboard Skills II

MUS 202 Keyboard Skills III

MUS 303 Keyboard Skills IV

MUS 303A Keyboard Skills IV - Piano Majors Only


Cluster One Requirement:

Critical Thinking OR Human Communications
Check the boxes of all the courses that interest you, but only enroll in ONE of these courses for your first semester. You will take the other in your second semester. The MyMadison system will not allow you to enroll in both a critical thinking and a human communications course.                                                              
BUS 160 Business Decision Making in a Modern Society
HIST 150 Critical Issues in Recent Global History
ISAT 160 Problem Solving Approaches in Science and Technology
SMAD 150 Mediated Communication: Issues and Skills
PHIL 120 Critical Thinking
PHIL 150 Ethical Reasoning
SCOM 121 Human Communication: Presentations
SCOM 122 Human Communication: Individual Presentations
SCOM 123 Human Communication: Group Presentations


If you do not have credit for writing through AP, IB, CIE, or dual enrollment, consider enrolling in WRTC for the fall semester.



WRTC 103 Critical Reading and Writing


Additional 1st-Semester Courses by Concentrations and Instruments:

The following is information specific to certain areas of concentration within the Music major. If you area is listed below, you need enroll in the courses indicated in addition to the courses listed above. If your area is not listed here, you do not have additional courses for your first semester.

Music Education

Course/Subject/Number/Course Title

MUS 150 must be taken during the first or second semester. Enroll in this course first semester if possible. 

Wind, Brass & Percussion Majors ONLY: Enroll in MUAP 237

MUS 150 Intro to Technological Applications in Music 1 cr hr
MUAP 237 Marching Band 2 cr hrs

Music Theatre

Enroll in MUS 120

MUS 120 Diction for Singers I 1 cr hr


Enroll in MUS 120

MUS 120 Diction for Singers I 1 cr hr


1. Enroll in MUAP 354.

2. Keep MWF 11:15 - 12:05 time block free.

MUAP 354 Percussion Ensemble 1 cr hr


MUAP 357 Piano Accompanying and Piano Ensemble (1) - two semesters required of all piano majors. Additional requirements may apply to certain concentrations. Please consult with piano faculty members to determine whether or not you should take MUAP 357 your first semester.

MUAP 357 Piano Accompany & Piano Ensemble 1 cr hr

Music Industry

No additional first semester requirements. This concentration is declared when the student takes MUI 221 Survey of Music Industry, which may be taken in the Fall or Spring semester.

Optional General Education Courses

You may have a full schedule of 14-17 credit hours based on the major requirements above. If you need additional courses to reach a full schedule, select from the General Education program courses on the remaining pages of the worksheet and add them to your schedule when you enroll. You do NOT need to enroll in a course from every cluster. Only select from within the cluster areas to supplement your schedule.

To facilitate a faster search of open classes within a specific cluster area, use the cluster area code (e.g. C2HQC). A tutorial on conducting cluster area searches is available at

Cluster Two- Arts and Humanities

Identify as many courses that interest you but, if you enroll in a course from this cluster, do not enroll in more than one course per cluster area.
Each course is 3 credit hours.
Human Questions and Contexts (C2HQC)
AMST 200 Introduction to American Studies
ANTH 205 Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
HIST 101 World History to 1500
HIST 102 World History since 1500
REL 102 God, Meaning, and Morality
HUM 250 Modern Perspectives (options include: Greek, Renaissance)
HUM 251 Modern Perspectives (options include: Enlightenment, Romanticism, Human Rights)
HUM 252 Global Cultures
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy

REL 101 Religions of the World


Cluster Four: Social and Cultural Processes

Identify as many courses that interest you but, if you enroll in a course from this cluster, do not enroll in more than one course per cluster area.


The American Experience -

Do you have, or are you waiting for, credit for U.S. History or U.S. Government? Answer by clicking the appropriate button below.


You indicated you have credit, or are waiting for credit results, for U.S. Government or U.S. History, proceed to the other GenEd clusters to select classes to create a full schedule.


Select from the Cluster Four American Experience courses below. All are 4 credit hours.

HIST 225 U.S. History
POSC 225 U.S. Government - Do NOT enroll in this class and POSC 220 from the Global Experience.



Cluster Five: Individuals in the Human Community

Identify as many courses that interest you but, if you enroll in a course from this cluster, do not enroll in more than one course per cluster area. All courses are 3 credit hours.
Wellness Domain (C5WD) HTH 100 Personal Wellness - This course has a 15-hour physical activity requirement of your choice for the semester.
KIN 100 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness - This course is one lecture meeting per week and one physical activity meeting per week. Fitness options include swim conditioning (must be a swimmer), indoor cycling, cardio/strength, yoga, boot camp and others. See the NOTES section of the class when enrolling to identify the fitness option.
Socioculutral Domain (C5SD) PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 160 Life Span Human Development
SOCI 140 Microsociology : The Individual in Society
Once your have made your selections, save and print this worksheet for use during your enrollment appointment.