Beginning June 7th, you may log into the MyMadison system to view the start date of your enrollment appointment. Please understand that you do not actually begin enrolling in classes until mid-June.  June 7th is the day you may login to view when your enrollment appointment begins.  Once the enrollment appointment begins it remains open.  This provides ample opportunity for you to complete a full schedule based on your enrollment worksheet and allows your academic advisor to review it before you arrive for your Summer Springboard Orientation date.  

Sooner is better!  Why enroll as soon as you can?

  • General Education classes and foreign language classes are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Earlier creation of your schedule gives your Freshman Academic Advisor time to review your schedule and work with you on making necessary corrections via email or contact by phone.  

The MyMadison system is accessible from most mobile devices. 

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